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A few years ago, I was inspired by a young girl named Ariyuna who always sang this song to herself: When Jesus Say Yes by Michelle Williams. While in my solo travels, it replayed in my head to help me conquer fears and challenges. In December 2017, the tune played in my heart as I hiked to the peak of Los Liones Canyon near Malibu, California. I had a vision seeing my friend Madelene's daughter, Kamajhia, choreograph this. My grandma, mama, cousin Requitta, her daughters Christianna and Mikenzie, Maddy and Kamajhia join me as dancers and inspirations in this piece. This video is a story about hearing nothing but Jesus' blessing for our heart's desires, and dancing joyfully to the beat of where He leads us. I collaborated with Karel Brighteyes, who delivers amazing creativity on the shooting and editing. Enjoy! 

The City of Jacksonville's Film and Television Department honored Carla Mechele Media CEO Carla Jones with a Rising Star Award, presented by Mayor Lenny Curry. 

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